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When we are young, we learn through exploratory play – learning should be fun. I am lucky enough to have a carreer that enables me to keep learning and keep enjoying what I learn, having some fun along the way.

My time is dedicated to supporting and managing people and infrastructure, developing learning technologies, researching and exploring technology.

Working in education provides opportunity to experience a range of business and educational technologies like no other industry; I relish this exposure and the creative opportunities it presents.

As an occasional blogger, I am still discovering my writing abilities. Social media enthrals me; I relish every opportunity to exlpore the application of new social media tools.

A key and influential contributor in the development of a highly successful ILT infrastructure at an outstanding sixth form college in the south of England, I have broad experience in learning technologies and business support processes. My experience includes the development, implementation and management of all aspects of the business and educational infrastructure. Development and delivery of strategic objectives are both core skills that I possess. I recognise the importance of a dedicated team with a clear understanding of the business and educational objectives and apply my emotional intelligence in achieving the support and buy-in of stakeholders. The hard work and commitment of many different contributors and the support of a dedicated team are essential ingredients in successful education technology projects and strategy.

With many years technical administrative experience I have a comprehensive understanding of the operational activities of infrastructure teams. In addition to this, my experience in software development and information systems broadens the scope of my understanding. As a middle manager I understand the importance of delivering corporate objectives and the need for teams to understand and support these. Having been an administrator for many years, I now hold a management role, and have responsibilities in developing learning technologies and bringing about change in the use of ILT. No easy task, particularly since today the breadth of skills among users can vary wildly – even among students who, contrary to popular belief, are not all as skilled or confident in new technologies as you might assume.

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