BYOD and Twitter ID to FOTE

FOTE again.

I’m keen to hear what the panel discussion reveals about the BYOD (bring your own device) topic (personally I prefer RWYB – run what ya’ brung!). Previously this there has been a stumbling block around inclusion of those at the lower end of the device spectrum – in other words, if you have a poor device (or none at all), how will we include you? With each year the percentage of users with what may be termed as ‘advanced’ mobile devices grows, but does this mean that learners of different ages, levels of ability and interest are ready to participate?

Compare this debate to the list of delegates available in the conference app. A large number do not list a twitter name. No twitter name? Really?!? We learning technologists all use Twitter, don’t we? Apparently not. Frank (@fstoner) supported this with the official statistic of two thirds of his expected delegates today having a twitter presence – also expressing his desire to see this reach 100%. Perhaps this can be regarded as an indicator of engagement levels for these individuals in other social media too. Either way, the same inclusion factor applies, doesn’t it?

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