Sharing files between iOS and Windows in School

At our school, we have been using the iPad increasing¬†success. Our catalog of regularly used apps is small, with most activity being in the browser for research purposes. However, when children are generating their own content, we have often struggled in sharing files effectively and transferring these to the next platform – usually a Windows laptop. This wasn’t initially a problem and only emerged after each iPad had been connected to more than five Windows computers – reaching the maximum number of devices to which a single iPad can be connected before sharing is denied. Once we started managing the devices with Apple Configurator (using the ‘Supervision’ feature), the USB option was no longer available to us at all.

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Hampshire ICT Conference 2015

Last week I made my first visit to the Hampshire ICT Conference, a regional event for education staff who are delivering the computing curriculum in the primary sector.

As usual, I am somewhat out of my comfort zone at this sort of event – whilst I have a good understanding of what happens in the classroom, I am not a teacher. I support the staff who deliver all subjects, including ICT. It’s my job to ensure that they are able to deliver the curriculum through a ‘path of least resistance’. By this, I mean that the infrastructure, tools and support for their planning and delivery should be aiding their progress and not hindering it. My interest in a conference of this sort is therefore perhaps slightly different from those in a teaching role.

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TrueCrypt is no longer secure? I just attached my encrypted files to my LastPass vault.

With TrueCrypt apparently no longer secure, my favourite method of transporting files securely on removable media needs some reconsideration. Until it becomes clear whether the insecurity is genuine¬†or not, I’ve decided that for the time being it’s adequate for me to instead attach any files I want to keep safe to secure notes in my LastPass vault.