Mobile friendly web needs mobile friendly mail

I’m easily frustrated by email. With it being Close to Xmas, I find myself buying a number of gifts online each of which results in one or more emails being sent to me during the process. What didn’t work in this particularly occasion was the consistent presentation. I was able to order (from Boots the chemist) using a mobile friendly site. This mobile experience wasn’t quite perfect, but certainly a reasonable and functional. The thing is, it was let down significantly when the confirmation emails (yes – more than one) were all formatted for a large screen. Really – if you are going to make your retail website mobile compatible, don’t forget to make the associated communication mobile friendly also.

What should an email unsubscribe form contain?

Having encountered Dell’s ridiculously long email unsubscribe form today, I took a few moments to think about what content an email unsubscribe form needs to collect or verify.

Just an email address.

Nothing more.

You will always be asked to provide more technology

Someone stopped me in the corridor this week and shared this realisation:

“I thought of you this morning. My husband has an IT company and is hiring. He mentioned that no matter how much you offer to your customers, they will always demand more. It’s why he needs more staff. That’s what made me think of you – it’s the same in education, isn’t it?! We [teachers and students] ask for more technology, and even when you have given this to us, we continue to demand more. It’s never ending.”