Better note taking

Every week I share one or more practical tips with the staff in our school. These tips I also publish here and hope you find them useful.

During a recent INSET day, a few staff were talking about the apps they use to take notes on the iPad. Most popular seemed to be the built in Notes app, which is great for simple note taking. However, your notes are only available to edit on your iPad.

As an alternative you may like to try a free service like Evernote:

– take and edit notes on different devices
– always synchronised, so your notes can be accessed on your iPad, Windows laptop, or even your phone
– just visit and sign up for a free account

With Evernote, you can also use the free Penultimate app, which supports handwriting and sketch notes:

– capture hand-written notes with your finger or a stylus
– draw free-form illustrations and annotate images
– synchronise with your Evernote account
– share your notes with others

If you want to try using a stylus with your iPad, Penultimate is a great place to start. You don’t need an expensive stylus – just a cheap one will do!

Happy note taking.

Tip of the week

Having recently joined a new team, I am introducing new techniques and ideas for the use of technology to a very enthusiastic group of teachers and supporting staff.

Teachers have very busy schedules and whilst I am not always a fan of email, in this instance I am regularly sharing a Tip Of The Week with my colleagues through this medium. Nothing to deep or heavy, but just enough to encourage a little experimentation or change in practice. Even if staff are not able to immediately benefit from my Tip, regular sharing of ideas via email provides a starting point from which further conversation will surely follow – wither through my initiative or the curiosity of others.

So there you have it – Tip Of The Week will appear here regularly in its own category. I hope you find them useful.