Did you get my email?

Email is great, isn’t it? We’ve all got used to the fast, simple and direct communication with one or more recipients. It’s something that for most of us has become an essential part of our daily lives – whether for business or pleasure.

It’s not all good though. How much time does email really cost us? Potentially, quite a lot.

Jack: Did you get my email?

Jill: Huh?

Jack: The email I sent; did you get it?

Jill: What email?

Jack: Oh. You didn’t get it? Can you check?

Jill: Hold on… … … No. I haven’t got it.

Jack: Okay. I’ll send it again.

Jill: Thanks. What did it say?

Jack: I’ll tell you…

Maybe email should be banned. Could you manage without email? If yes, how else would you communicate – face-to-face and phone, or move to another tool? I know I could manage without it, and I would find another tool. Many I work with would find transition to an alternative difficult – partly because after the telephone, email is the only other communication technology they have used regularly and for business or educational purposes.

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