How I have grown.

Having taken considerable time this year to develop my leadership skills, I think I have become more aware of what qualities it takes to become a leader, and what’s required to build that tribe of followers around you. I work in a fantastic organisation with staff around me who challenge me, encourage me and demand new applications of skill from me as a leader (and usually where technology is involved).

This personal development has been helped by my posting over 80 entries in this blog, writing about a few of the activites in which I have been involved. Some of them technical, others not so. I won’t describe myself as a particularly proficient blogger, and certainly have not reached the level of competence displayed by others I look up to. However, I do find that only now can I start to look back on the formative experiences of starting this blog and considering all the things I have learned along the way. Not only this, but I will also credit the limited reflective writing here as contributing to my development.

Despite being able to reflect a little on my own experience in writing my blog, I have yet to convince those around me to accept the same challenge and begin writing regularly (with one exception, that of Gayle, our uber-creative textile teacher and her students).

I’m not sure what it takes to move my peers from recognising the benefits of writing for reflection, or writing in order to share understanding and experiences with other audiences.

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