I like you #newtwitter

A new day, a new app version comes along. Today it’s #newtwitter; a big name that most app users are familiar with. Tomorrow it will likely be something with a lower profile.

I love it when new apps are released; new look, new features, new functions. With the right changes, an app can be dramatically improved, changing the perspective of users, and enabling them to behave and interact differently with it.

The story around new apps is often a familiar one, and it seems that #newtwitter is no exception, and users are firmly split into two camps, and I think it reveals some attitudes to change.

You have the 1.0 users. The 1.0 users like the app just the way it is and would happily stick with it indefinitely, having got used to it and settled with all those features. They don’t find the re-discovery process something that should be necessary – perhaps even an obstacle to productivity. Change isn’t necessary. 1.0 users will often be vocal about their lack of satisfaction in new features, some perhaps without investing enough time to understand whether change has been for the better. 1.0 users will just be getting comfortable with 2.0 by the time 3.0 is released.

Then there are the 2.0 users. The 2.0 users enjoy the arrival of a new app; it’s new features are exciting and offer new potential. Regular updates are good; regular updates make using the app more exciting. Change is stimulating. There may be inconvenience in navigating new features, but this is worthwhile to the 2.0 users once this potential is released. The 2.0 users quickly sing the praises of a successful app revision – and so they should.

Despite two groups at either end of the spectrum, those who communicate most vocally when a new app arrives, are still the minority. For the most part, the majority of users fall somewhere in the middle; seldom commenting, providing feedback or influencing development. Instead, they just get on and use it.

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