Laborious Licensing

Around this time of year, each and every year, our organisation renews our Microsoft Campus License. The Campus license agreement enables us as an educational organisation to use Microsoft operating systems, services and applications to support the delivery of the curriculum and our business functions. We are granted some discounts in licensing, which is often the case for educational organisations.

The process is “simple”. Count your FTE’s (full time equivalent staff), and license some core products (the bulk of the subscription and the cost), plus additional products that are not covered by the core agreement.

The implementation is very outdated. A ridiculously long spreadsheet running at 600+ lines to review, adding product subscription numbers as required. Accompanying this are several paper forms to complete and return by fax in order to confirm our details.

Really, is there not a better way?

Adobe can manage to provide a reasonable licensing portal. Microsoft themselves can provide a good download portal (much better than sending us all those DVD’s). Surely it must be possible for the largest software provider in the world to provide an online licensing tool for the countless organisations around the world subscribing to educational license programmes? Programmes which, in my opinion offer amazing value for money and would be even more appealing were the licensing made easier!

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