Managing my Twitter presence with Buffer

If you follow me on Twitter (@chri5grant) you will have noticed that I keep going on about Buffer; it’s a really cool service that enables you to stack up some tweets and keep them in your ‘buffer’, with each being sent in accordance with a predefined schedule.

I’ve really enjoyed using the service so far, and found there are two ways I will typically use Buffer.

The first method I use if I have a number of messages that are already in my mind and I want to get them down all at once. I’ll sit down first thing in the morning, or perhaps at the end of the day and fill up my Buffer. They won’t all be posted right away – that’s the whole point; Buffer will release them one at a time according to my schedule.

The other method I use if I’m out and about and just quickly want to throw something at the Buffer immediately I think of it. I can do this via email, because like most decent web apps, you can send an email to Buffer and it will stack up the content for you (using the subject line as the Tweet body).

Although I haven’t really used it yet, there’s a third use emerging. I’ve setup a task over at IFTTT so that as I mark particularly interesting blog posts in my Google Reader stream with a star, the article title and link are both sent to my Buffer as a new tweet. Cool, eh?

Do you use Buffer? What has your experience been like? Has it changed your approach to Twitter?

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