Having been to MoodleFest yesterday I’ve returned to the everyday office challenges like giving up my office and now it seems, my lovely desk too. Keeping my mind busy and otherwise distracted through this mild trauma today is following the Moodle development work that South Devon College have been communicating regularly via Twitter. Not only have they shared their upgrade schedule, but their staff are also documenting their journey through an upgrade blog.

In between tweets from Paul (he’s one of the South Devon Moodle guru’s), I realised that actually many organisations across the south (and probably further afield) are doing this exact same thing. Only yesterday a whole room of us were discussing our very similar plans. The thing is, it’s all a bit duplicitous. We might be different by name and marketplace, but for most of us, our organisations are ultimately so very similar – and all this knowledge and content that we are producing must be relevant to others in similar roles, particularly those with less available resources or skills to otherwise draw upon.

Paul and I seemed to agree that something to collate these resources would be really handy, and in about five seconds flat we had a Posterous site setup: Check it out if you have a moment. Better still, and the true test of whether it’s as potentially useful as Paul and I think: post some content!

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