Presenting: me!

I recent months I’ve presented formally and informally on a couple of occasions to some audiences of various sizes. Audiences of strangers, and audiences of colleagues or peers. Presenting in this way is new territory for me, something of which I don’t have extensive experience, nor have I been trained to deliver effectively – not that either of these facts have stopped me from getting on and having a go!

Ahead of some training that I’ll be receiving at the end of this week, I thought it might be useful for me to explore my abilities a little more.

Let’s just cover a few of the things I think I’m good at:

The creative side of presenting is the part I enjoy most: crafting something that allows me to express some of my character

  • The storytelling is also an element that I enjoy immensely, and that I also feel enables me to communicate effectively my story to a listening audience


A now let’s think about where I need to improve:

  • My style. I’m not sure I really have one. If I do, it’s a slightly nervous one. I tend to be unsure about where to place myself in relation to my props or the audience (unless of course that has been dictated by the layout of the presentation space)
  • Breathing. I find it hard to get into the rhythm of the presentation. On a good day i’ll just dive right in and get into the flow, but even then I can find myself half way through and occasionally getting flustered and feeling rushed.
  • Pace and storyline. It’s really tricky to stay on topic, even when following presenter notes. I like free flowing conversation and am happy for conversation – with an individual or an audience – to move beyond my area of expertise or comfort zone. However, staying on track in a presentation, particularly when an interested audience may be expecting a particular point to come across is one aspect I need to focus upon.

I’ll write something about my developing skills as a presenter again soon.

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