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At the end of the last academic year, a group of ‘quality innovators’ met. Staff who all share an interest in developing key aspects of our operation here at college. Two sub-groups are specifically focusing upon ILT innovation. It’s not the first time a group like this has met. Two years ago I gathered staff with similar interests together in an ‘innovation group’. We were reasonably productive, came up with some good ideas and even piloted some of them, but for a variety of reasons momentum among the group slowed. So here we are with another opportunity for a group of really keen staff to work on a number of key ILT projects – and I’m really pleased and very excited to be involved once more.

In our previous innovation exercise, we took advantage of Ning’s then-free networking tools and setup our own presence in which we could collaborate. During the course of this group’s work, I posted a number of blog entries to the innovation group site, and i think it’s about time I started these regular posts once more, and even resurrected a few originals from here and our Moodle forums.

I’ve also recently been inspired to focus on blogging again by one of our staff recently appointed as an Advanced Practitioner of ILT – Gayle Bicknell, who writes her own blog, The Life Of A Textiles Teacher. Gayle has spent many months now writing about her activities in the classroom (and beyond!). I’m so impressed to see this activity going on within the college, and have my own aspirations to do the same (although I’m not sure I will be quite such a prolific writer!).

So here is my new Academic Year’s resolution: To blog regularly. To write a relevant blog. To write a meaningful blog.

Blogging regularly is never a habit that I have fully established. Reading blogs by the likes of Steve Wheeler, James Clay (plus many more) and being highly envious of their abilities, knowledge and commitment, I really do aspire to find the bloggers’ passion that might be within me and post regularly. The relevance of my writing will of course be dependent upon the position of the reader, and perhaps more so to the colleagues with whom I work, but hopefully anyone with an interest in learning technology can find something of interest. The audience will judge whether my content is meaningful. If i receive only one visitor, but that visitor finds something that inspires them, solves a problem, or provides motivation, then i will be happy that my efforts have been worthwhile! Regular visitors, comments and resulting conversation will all be a welcome bonus!

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  1. James Clay August 23, 2010 / 10:08

    I have found that the more you write the easier it is to write. So to write one blog article a month can take longer than writing a couple of blog articles a week.

    One useful tip is to maintain a regular column, I do two, the 100 ways to use a VLE and iPhone App of the Week. This structure ensures that I do write at least twice a week.


  2. Steve Wheeler September 14, 2010 / 18:27

    Much like James, I find that the more you write, the more you think, and the more you have to write about. It’s a virtuous circle really. I’m also into mini-series – they help structure your thoughts, and if you can plan them out, they flow. Ensuring you have some sort of space and time to write is also important – if you can establish a writing schedule at a particular time and place, that’s a smart move. Finally, the more you write and post, the more people will read what you have to say. Having an audience certainly inspires me to write and blog on a regular basis.

    • chri5grant September 15, 2010 / 08:10

      Thanks for posting, Steve. Your comments are very much appreciated! I have found that your advice, and that from James, is indeed correct. The more you write, the more comfortable you become with the experience, and also in releasing the ideas and thoughts that otherwise don’t always emerge. As someone who hasn’t done a great deal of writing before, the process is actually becoming quite an enjoyable one!

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