So I’ve committed to get myself into the blogging habit. I need to learn some tricks of the trade, because if I’m not careful, when the new term starts I’m going to be swept away with all the other commitments that demand my time throughout the year.

This blog is powered by WordPress. It’s a free blogging service that allows you to create and post content using one of the premier blogging platforms available today. For the grand total of absolutely nothing, you get to do all sorts of great features like posting video and audio in your content. I’m not progressing that far at this stage (although it’s only a matter of time before I will surely want to try).

I’ve begun writing my posts and saving them only in draft format. They are not published immediately, as I don’t want everything to be visible right away. This post, for example, will publish at 09:00 on August 30th. Whilst there is great merit in publishing a post immediately when its context is time sensitive, much of the content here will not be, so I am scheduling the publishing times for my posts. This results in some benefits for me as a newbie blogger. If I have the opportunity to write more posts in between the scheduled entries, then I’ll be very pleased! By scheduling posts in this way I can ensure that regular content is delivered via my blog – essential for establishing and maintaining a readership. I can also give myself a bit of a breather if time does not allow me to write posts for a short period. Let’s face it, that’s bound to be the case sooner or later! There’s also plenty of time for me to digest the content I have written, and consider it fully before posting to the web; it’s important that anything posted to the web is carefully considered, respects the opinions of others and acknowledges copyrights.

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