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For a while now I’ve been interested in TeachMeets. My interest came about after attending one a few months ago in nearby Winchester. I didn’t think this sort of thing was going on much in the UK, so it was pleasantly surprising to find one close to home! The enthusiasm of everyone attending really struck me; the people I heard from were all truly dedicated to providing the very best education they can for their learners, and using technology to support this. I took away so much energy and inspiration from my first TeachMeet experience.

Thanks to some guidance and encouragement from Ian Addison, I’ve taken my interest further by agreeing to host a meeting. It’s new territory for me, but should provide opportunity to exercise some of the skills I’ve been gaining recently.

With a little persuasion, I’ve also found support from my management team to host an event. This will take place early next year in order to fit in with others around the county.

I really want to find a suitable sponsor for the event – nothing extravagant, but just enough to cover the cost of some coffee, and maybe have a little something for visitors to take away with them. We received some nice wristband memory sticks from LSIS recently… I wonder if they could provide a few more?

The next TeachMeet in Hampshire is on July 13 2011 at Priory School Specialist Sports College and you can find all the details here: http://www.teachmeethants.co.uk. As always, there’s lots of TeachMeet conversation happening on Twitter; just follow or use the hashtag #tmhants.

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  1. Julia Skinner July 2, 2011 / 08:38

    I think TMs are a great invention & love to go to them when I can. I learn so much & it is a great way to meet folk. I’m a retired HT so just think what serving teachers could get out of them!

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