When people think you are the Service Desk

When people think you are the service desk, everything can come your way. Got a virus? They come to you first. Broken computer? They come to you. Got a bill? Yep – they come to you for that too. But what can you do in these instances?

Do it.

Resistance is futile – after this individual, another will soon be on their way to you. Might as well get on and process whatever request is being made, however irrelevant to what you are really there for. Be prepared to pay the price by not getting the other (probably more important ) stuff done, and undermining the effectiveness of the service desk in the process.

Defer it.

They won’t be as pleased as they will if you do it for them now, but at least it doesn’t end up in your task list. You could be really nice and forward it on to the right people, but this doesn’t solve the problem – better to reject it nicely and advise the originator where it really should be sent for action. Deferring it on their behalf just indicates you are happy to assist. Are you?

Ignore it.

You won’t win many friends, but ignoring it can be the next best thing. The sooner everyone gets the idea that you aren’t going to respond to them, the sooner they will do the right thing and follow the correct procedure. If it’s really urgent, and it really matters that it gets done, they will try someone else (not necessarily the right person though).

BTW: you might not want to take any of these suggestions too seriously

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