Winkey – the only key that isn’t faded… (or grubby)

The Win (or Windows) key is, for most users, perhaps the most under-used on the keyboard. It’s the one at the bottom left sitting quietly between the Ctrl and Alt keys and is usually marked with a Microsoft Windows flag. Having grown accustomed to the use of a mouse to navigate the desktop and launch applications, the use of a keyboard to perform such functions perhaps appears dated or cumbersome. Quite the contrary – the Win key can be a time saver in many ways. Pressing the Win key in combination with another can save you reaching for the mouse!

Why not have a try with any of the following when you have the time:

Win + E
Opens Windows Explorer with ‘My Computer’ selected

Win + M
Minimises all open application windows to the Taskbar

Win + F
Opens the Windows Search tool

Win + L
Locks the computer and thus prevents other users from accessing it. Great for when you leave the desk (even for a minute!).

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