Connecting students to campus WiFi

I’m really excited that this year we are finally able to offer students access to our campus network via their own wireless devices. It’s long been an ambition of ours to provide guest access for students and visitors.

We are also providing a limited number of lockers for device charging. Each is able to house a laptop and small case of shoulder bag, and includes a mains socket for the user to plugin their device adapter.

I’m really hopeful that these incentives will encourage students to bring their own devices of all types with them to campus. Not only will it contribute to reducing the contention for computers in classroom and study areas, but I think we can learn a whole lot about how students are choosing to consume their learning materials by paying close attention to what devices they choose to bring. Better still, if we encourage them them to share with us the methods and tools they employ, maybe some different techniques could be used as inspiration for building staff skills and practices.

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