It’s been a while

It’s been a while. I’ve not written a post for several months now, and it feels quite strange. So what’s been going on?

Lots, actually. For the most part, my daily focus has been drawn to organisational priorities. Plenty of change going on, lots of roles changing and much anxiety among colleagues as the process of business evolution makes some significant leaps.

This change in focus means that my activity here, and in other spaces like the Mahara Guide, hasn’t been as productive as I might like. It leaves me a little sad, knowing that I’ve made considerable investment of professional and personal time in building a reflective platform through which I can share and express some of my experiences. I don’t want the effort I have already made to be wasted, or for my blogging habit to lapse, but certainly need time to find my place here once more.

The question I have been asking all the while is ‘should I actually be writing my way through this period of changing priorities in order to help find clarity?’. Although I haven’t done, the answer was probably ‘yes’. It’s difficult though. The desire to write about the experience is always moderated by the need to maintain the conduct and confidentiality of a manager dealing with considerable organisational change which is having a significant impact upon many of those people with whom I work.

Being at the centre of change has (perhaps without my fully realising it) become a central aspect of my role, and I would like to discover the necessary skills to communicate the lessons I am learning in an appropriate form. Perhaps I need to look closely at how other bloggers continue write about their experiences of challenging situations, like those I have experienced.

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