Nervously publishing.

I find it nervewracking when publishing materials for consumption online – particularly so when publishing content for consumption by learners who don’t hesitate to give you their opinion! Publishing tutorials for Mahara online is no exception. I’m not overly experienced in some of the publishing techniques involved, but have taken the plunge in publishing Mahara resources online to support our organisation’s exploration of e-portfolios.

What a relief it is when the community in which you work not only accepts the content you publish, but also give their compliments on those materials. Better still that the extended community in beyond your immediate peers also responds positively and you realise that the value from your efforts might be found among distant groups! Comments like these add so much value to the process, and are immensely uplifting for the creator(s).

Thank you to those who have made supportive comments. I am motivated to continue creating these materials, and writing about my experiences doing so!

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