cPanel on iPad

I don’t know why, but it hasn’t crossed my mind before to try managing this site with cPanel on iPad. Works fine, although I wasn’t too impressed with a dated mobile theme. I can see there are a few iOS apps for cPanel. Maybe that’s what I’ll try when the next WordPress update comes around.

Writing for the first time with Blogsy

I've used other tools previously – either the desktop browser interface to my WordPress blog, or sometimes with the WordPress app for iOS.

Of the two, my preference has been to use the desktop browser interface simply because it has the most accessible feature set. It also allows me to tinker with some of the other site settings, but perhaps that's not such a good idea – I do have a tendency to forever be searching for a better theme. The desktop version also allows me to schedule posts, which I sometimes find useful for posts that perhaps I want to write now, but publish later, and then tune some of the publishing options at the same time. Often I like to write in the evening but hold on to the post until the following morning when I know that a post to Twitter of LinkedIn will get more readers.

The WordPress iOS app is a little more limiting, nothing major, just some of the features you might sometimes enjoy having to hand. When it comes to writing, the app is fully functional and does everything you need for publishing content. There are other apps you could use, and I've tried a few before, but none has really impressed me that much. I suppose I've never been massively impressed with the WordPress app either. It's okay, but for me that's about as far as it goes.

So, why Blogsy? Perhaps a bit of an impulse buy, I suppose. I've also been disappointed with the fact that I haven't written much over recent months. Just before the new year, I purchased a copy of DayOne, a journal app. I've never kept a journal of any kind before, but DayOne has proven to be both enjoyable to use, and persistent enough to keep me writing every day since. I don't write in great depth, or about every last detail. I just write enough to hopefully provoke the return of some enjoyable memories at a later date. There's nothing overly flashy about the DayOne app, it just lets me do simple things like write some text, and add an image – and thats all i need. That's what I'm expecting from Blogsy. DayOne is not over complicated, but just offers the right level of features and function. That's what I'm expecting from Blogsy. DayOne encourages me to keep writing, without it feeling like a burden. That's what I'm expecting from Blogsy.