Voting Buttons are so 2003…

I had an email (via our Exchange server) today that said ‘please use the voting buttons!’. My immediate thought was that it’s such an old method I’m surprise anyone is still using it. I think we first discovered them way back in around 2003 with an Exchange and Office upgrade. However, if you happen to be using a flavour of Microsoft Exchange, voting buttons might still have a lot going for them. But why?

Well, no other voting tool is so closely linked to your email – no link pasting or add-ons to install. Also, I’m asking you to make a choice, not for a long opinionated response. Voting is a great way to get the Yes / No you seek (and if you are a minimal sort like me, then all that chaff around the response itself usually just gets in the way). If you have composed your question carefully, and if a clear vote is appropriate, maybe there is still life in the email voting button.

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