Posting to your WordPress blog by Email

When you have a <> blog (like I did),
you can submit posts by email – a nice simple way to publish content
without all the fuss of any other app or interface to deal with. Just tap
out your content, use the unique address you’ve been given and hit send.

You can do the same with your self hosted WordPress account. I’ve never
bothered to set up the Post By Email feature until now, but realise that
sending small posts to my blog by email could be a very easy and practical

Turned out not to be quite so straight forward for me. Why? Well, I use
Google Apps, and since my all mail is routed via Google’s MX records, it
means that I can’t use my hosting package to handle the email without some
reconfiguration. The other immediately available option to me for WordPress
to collect email from a new Google Apps account, but it turns out these two
don’t play well together either.

I gave up with these methods, turned off the Post by Email feature
(removing the Postie plugin I had also tried in the process) and instead
setup an IFTTT recipe instead. All I need to do is send an email over to
the IFTTT Trigger (like I did to create this post).

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