First steps in open badges, starting with a challenge

Badges by Ellen Munro

I’ve been aware of Open Badges for some time, but only this week have I connected my awareness to another activity.

Spending a day with a development consultant advising us on our further development of a couple of in-house products, I suggested that adding badges to our student progress tacking system would be a good motivator. In this case, I used FourSquare as an example, knowing that through a few pointless checkins, I had earned Campus Explorer, Century Club and Local badges Writing up my notes, I reached the moment we discussed badges and decided to do nothing more than Google it. Up pops the Open Badges page and immediately prompts me to ‘get started’ and learn about the idea with a little wizard. Before I knew it, I had earned ‘Badges 101’ and ‘Hackasaurus’ and stuffed them into my new ‘backpack’. Great!

Having made these rather small achievements, I’m now being encouraged to earn more having been directed to P2PU and complete some challenges. Nothing too taxing at first, it seems. One of the first steps in the School of Web Craft is to write a ‘magnificent’ blog post like this one. [Tick!]

Now, part of the challenge is to review the activities of others in this challenge. It’s interesting to see how others are publishing their own efforts – like these other learners!

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